Welcome to Alamo Stamp and Coin Shop

The Alamo Stamp and Coin Shop opened in May 2013 and is located at 1720A 9th St, Alamogordo in downtown Alamogordo, New Mexico.

We are open 10 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday.  I am personally there for questions, buying, selling or trading daily from 2:30 to 5 PM and all day Saturday.  I can be there at any other time by appointment.

I am Jeff King and I have been involved in collecting, buying, selling, and trading stamps and coins since I placed my first ads in the old Western Stamp Collector Newspaper as a kid in 1951.  I seriously bought and sold stamps by mail and in person and collected coins through the 1950s, when I quit for college, etc.  In 1964-6 I had a store in Santa Monica, California which sold only foreign coins and currency. 

Later I had a stamp and coin shop in Colorado and ran monthly live collectibles auctions from 1984 until i retired in 2000.  Since then I have concentrated on eBay sales. I have Top Rated Power Seller status on eBay with two usernames, jeffking50 (primarily stamps and coins; rating 5200+) and jeffking500 (misc. collectibles, antiques, books, etc; rating 2200+).   Both accounts are still active and we welcome your business there.  Links appear below.

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Early this year I acquired two large stamp estates, which prompted me to open the store.  Here we have well over 100,000 different stamps in stock from all areas and periods. We have thousands of sets and singles alphabetically on cards and over 400 country lots, all priced to sell, from a few to over 1,000 different, all mounted.  In addition, we have pick books and collections and packets. There is a book of cinderellas, including perfins and precancels, priced from 5 cents to a few dollars each.  I am still sorting and pricing material so there are always rummage boxes - pick what you want and I'll give you a fair price.

We are a great source for the beginning to intermediate foreign collector, with some better stamps cataloging up to a few hundred dollars for the advanced collector. 

At the moment, our US stamp stock is unbalanced, mainly 10 to 100 each used and mint of the commoner twentieth century stamps, though we do have some into the $50 range.  We have few classics but have sources to obtain better items for you at fair prices.  We do have a good selection of Duck stamps, with most numbers mint, many NH, again at reasonable prices.  We carry hinges and mounts and other supplies.

We also have many first day covers, and some postal history.  We have many event covers, including a number relating to the nearby Holloman Air Force Base and the Space History Museum.

Also featured are several hundred used and unused picture postcards from the early 1900s to date, including a selection of pure leather postcards used from 1905-8.

Our coin inventory is growing.  We presently have some type coins and a number of different dates of Indian Head and Lincoln cents, and V Nickels and Buffalo nickels in stock.  We presently have little silver as it sells as fast as it comes in (note that we will give a very liberal trade for any US coins against stamps or covers).  We have several hundred foreign coins in trays priced from 5 cents to a dollar each, with several hundred more packaged and filed alphabetically. We also have a few ancient coins including several Widow's Mites.  Lastly, we also have a few tokens of diverse types and some US and foreign currency.

In short, we are evolving into a full service stamp and coin shop and want to earn your business!